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The triple goddess moon pendant has a round moonstone in the center set in sterling silver and is flanked on either side with a silver crescent moon. 

The moonstone has natural cloudy inclusions that give it the look of the moon and has a hint of a blue flash. 

A delicate 20” sterling silver is attached by rings at the top. 


The most common meaning assigned to the Triple Goddess symbol is the maiden, mother, and crone. Each phase of the moon correlates with a phase of a woman’s life.

The mother, maiden, and crone is not the only way to honor and connect with this symbol. Here are some other meanings of the Triple Goddess symbol.

  • Planes and realms: Earth, the underworld, and heaven
  • Cycles: Life, Birth, Death, and ultimately rebirth as the moon phases continue
  • Goddesses: Demeter, Persephone/Kore, Hecate
  • A connection to all women and womanhood
  • A connection to the divine feminine

You don’t have to subscribe to Paganism or Wicca to enjoy this symbol. But if you’ve been sporting it, it’s sure nice to know the meaning behind it.

Wearing the Triple Goddess symbol can be a powerful reminder throughout your day to your connection to the divine feminine and all it represents. 

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