My Story

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Did you collect bits of shells, stones and feathers when you were a kid?  I sure did!  I have always loved stones and creating things. 

  I'm Mandie, the owner and designer of Mandana Studios.   That's an unusual name you might be thinking!  I was named after my Great Grandmother.   The meaning of the name Mandana is Beauty, Eternal and Everlasting.   I like to infuse this quality in my designs, to create beautiful works of art that last a lifetime. 
I believe that it is my purpose to create.   I connect with the beauty and power of natural stones and it inspires me to design unique creations. 

I started creating jewelry when I was a child, mostly for my mom.  Of course she loved everything I made, lol  You could say I've been refining my process for the last 40'ish years!
I started metalsmithing in 2010 and that's when my jewelry making got serious.  I started to use sterling silver and gemstones.  Then I decided that in order to be able to create the designs I really wanted to, I needed to cut my own gemstones.  

Gemstones and natural elements are the focus in my designs.  The stones connect us back to  Mother nature and bring back many fond memories of walks in the woods as a child, collecting shells on beach vacations and picking up feathers on hikes.   When you were young, did you have a growing stone collection? I collected rocks from everywhere I went.  While wandering through forests, along beaches and exploring in caves, my pockets would always fill up with little treasures.
I bet you appreciated the tiny details in the stone, the colours and patterns that drew you to it in the first place.  Maybe it was the shape or it had a sparkle to it, but you couldn't resist picking them up and taking it with you.   Just like you, I feel that connection to nature, feel the energy and the beauty of the stones and the fond memories of your childhood passion. 
Today, I still collect stones when I travel, and now I turn these stones into the gemstones I use in the jewelry I make.   Some are finished polished gemstones and some I get as raw pieces of stone that I cut and polish myself.  I can even use a stone you
 collected yourself that holds special meaning to you.  

I took some silversmith classes at Mohawk College and that gave me the fundamental knowledge of silver-smithing and jewelry making.  I have spent many years at the bench since then, experimenting and perfecting my methods.  I wanted to incorporate my love of stones and gemstones into my creations, so I also do my own lapidary work, allowing me to listen to the stone as I design, hear how it wants to be shaped and polished and created into a unique one of a kind work of art.   

You can feel the love and energy I put into each piece of sterling silver jewelry I create.  Each one I complete is an original and made just for you.   I love to see how happy my clients are when they receive one of my pieces, and I love the collaboration of working together to design that special unique piece! 

​I love working with clients to bring their vision to life with an amazing work of art that they love and feel beautiful every time they put it on.   Contact me today to get started on your special piece of wearable art.
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