NVA Canada is divided into 6 divisions.  They wanted to have 6 fun logo-style illustrations that represent each area and then show the territory divisions on a map with the new logos.  The divisions were Rocky Mountain, Prairies,  Capital, Algonquin, Great Lakes and Atlantic.  


Creating fun and unique illustrations to represent each division's environment remained paramount throughout the design process. Every facet, ranging from the intricacies of the types of tree silhouette chosen to the positioning of each blade of grass, underwent meticulous curation to guarantee a cohesive and individual experience. Attention was paid to every small detail, resulting in illustrations that relate and connect with the end users.  The illustrations were so well liked by everyone that they were then used to create assets for use in the 2024 tradeshows.


NVA Canada's Algonquin territory includes Toronto and northern Ontario.


The NVA Canada Atlantic area includes Nova Scotia, NewFoundLand, PEI and New Brunswick.


The NVA Canada's Capital territory covers Kingston to Ottawa and Montreal

Great Lakes West

The Great Lakes West territory for NVA covers all of Southwestern Ontario. 


The Prairies territory for NVA Canada covers 3 provinces: Alberta, Manatoba and Saskatchewan.

Rocky Mountain

The Rocky Mountain territory of NVA Canada includes the Pacific Coast and Vancouver Island.