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For the Aries Goddess, I chose a stone that would reflect her strength and dynamic personality, the Pietersite stone is a perfect match!


I hand cut and polished this stone, then set it in sterling silver with a little textured edge so the stone is the focal point. Aries is a fire element and the swirling reds/browns/blues in the stone remind me of flames. The back shows the self-confident and spirited Aries Goddess.


I include an 18" silver plated chain.


Measurements: 1.25" across


Pietersite was discovered in Africa in 1962 by Sid Pieters. It is a stone with swirling blue, gold, or red colour bands naturally cemented with quartz.  There has been some uncertainty on this stone as it is often referred the “Tempest Stone”, “Eagle’s Eye”, and said to really a combination of gold tiger’s eye and blue quartz, which has exist in the earth.
Pietersite gemstones form in the structure of masses, which is the result of enclosure in jasper. In addition to, these stones used to display an active quality similar to the quartz. It also have been believed to enclose the “keys to the kingdom of heaven,” dispersing illusion and helping anyone in the gratitude for the exquisiteness of the soul. Pietersite is usually used by spiritual healers in as source of their energy.

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