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WOW! This is a One of a Kind Mermaid pendant will make a huge statement and show your inner connection with the sea and the mysteries of mermaids.


A sterling silver mermaid rests atop of a ruby in fuschite gemstone and curly silver waves. This is a huge statement piece for the biggest mermaid fan!


18" silver plated chain included

Ruby in Fuchsite combines the properties of Ruby and Fuchsite to create the perfect Heart Stone.
It will help clear any blockage in the Heart Chakra and fill the void with supportive and loving energies.  This stone will help you maintain an awareness of your own individuality while also connecting with humanity.
Ruby in Fuchsite will transform negative and destructive energies into positive and uplifting ones.
It will help activate and enhance your psychic awareness. It will also awaken your latent psychic abilities by unlocking your heart chakra and receiving information from the third eye chakra.

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