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I created this signet band style ring with sterling silver and stamped by hand the patterns on it.  The front has a focal embossed antique pattern, much like a coat of arms or shield. 

Size 8.25 US

Signet rings have graced the fingers of Egyptian queens and Shakespeare, in antiquity the rings were worn and used by anyone who had some kind of social standing and land ownership.
Signet rings were used as seals, as a symbol or mark of the hand that sent or signed a document. Wax was melted onto the document and the top of the ring was impressed into the wax, leaving a clear and permanent mark. The top of the ring was usually set with a hardstone that had been deeply engraved with some kind of symbol or depiction.
To denote the ring’s wearer, signets were comprised of identifying marks, like coats of arms, monograms, family seals or initials

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